Training Programs

We now offer various dog training classes including in-home classes and low-cost training. Contact us at for pricing and details.

Class Type
Basic Obedience Package (Group class – 3 classes)
Behaviors/skills addressed in group obedience classes include but not limited to:  Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Heel, No, Focus, Leave it, Potty training, Leash walking, Jumping, Nipping, Chewing, Crate training.
Specific behavior issues
Behaviors/skills addressed in one-on-one sessions include but not limited to:
 Separation Anxiety, Fear based issues, Resource guarding, Reactive to people, Reactive to other dogs, Lack of socialization, Biting.
In-Home Classes (30 mile radius from zip 37865)
Behaviors/skills addressed in in-home sessions include but not limited to:  Nuisance Barking, Reactive to guests coming into house, Getting along with other dogs, Very fearful dogs